January 12, 2011 – Svoboda Capital Partners has made an investment in Databank, a provider of outsourced imaging and information solutions, alongside executive management and lower mid-market mezzanine capital fund Merion Investment Partners.

We found this interesting bit of news on AltAssets in their post, “Svoboda Capital Partners takes stake in information outsourcing company Databank.” Databank’s services include document scanning, indexing, physical and electronic document storage, and information management software.

Svoboda principal Rick Harpster said, “Databank is a premier provider of best-in-class imaging and document management solutions. We are excited about our partnership with management and pursuing Databank’s next phase of growth. “

Partnering with a technology provider that can provide indexing services can be a smart move. But you have to differentiate your partners to ensure professional and quality indexing. Perhaps in the future, there will be a certification program for those in the professional indexing field. Smart software has not yet bested the subject matter experts or the indexing and taxonomy professionals.

Melody K. Smith

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