January 20, 2011 – A provider of semantic technology-powered application development tools – Cambridge Semantics – has joined with Cray Inc. to collectively develop and market high performance data solutions.

PR-USA brought this news to our attention in their post titled, “Cambridge Semantics and Cray to Deliver High Performance Data Solutions.”

“We are very excited about working with Cray to address the growing enterprise data market needs,” said Alok Prasad, Cambridge Semantics’ President. “Combining the flexibility and speed Cambridge Semantics brings to multi-source data integration with Cray’s computing power provides next generation capabilities to enterprises. This agreement will enable businesses to handle complex queries and data analytics, address high volume collaboration across partners and across firewalls, and support data driven process needs where data from varied sources can be rapidly integrated to address high volumes of complex data.”

It is always nice to see semantic technology continue to grow and evolve. Collaboration among professionals – even more.

Melody K. Smith

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