January 7, 2011 – Cloud computing has exploded. So much so that it makes you wonder what the future holds for this technological evolution. That is exactly what one writer did as he meticulously described a future data center and the artificial intelligence that will run it.

Sys-Con Media brought this to our attention in their post, “A Vision of the Future Cloud Data Center.” As the writer imagines 5 million square foot data centers, 500 unit racks reaching 75 feet up, robots wirelessly monitoring the 10GBps data stream, and data moving on a fiber backbone at multiple terabytes per second, you feel as though you are watching a George Lucas film come together. It is dynamic and amazing, but you also begin to feel a little dispensable.

Read and enjoy, laugh and muse, but all the while be a little thankful that it is merely fiction; at least for now. Perhaps it won’t be long before the data centers described will be considered commonplace.

Melody K. Smith

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