February 3, 2011 – Many educational institutions are looking for technology to beef up their resume for potential students, i.e. potential tuition dollars.

ComputerWeekly recently interviewed David Matthewman, CIO of Open University in their article, “CIO interview: David Matthewman, Open University.” According to the OU’s newest CIO, a flexible technology setup is essential to keep up with developments in the sector. Mathewman explained,

“I’m looking at maximising spend on value-enhancing work, doing less ‘keeping the lights on’ type of work and focusing on what is going to make a difference in the experience students get and allow us to get more business.”

Matthewman said he considered himself lucky to be able to draw on the technology expertise of the OU academic staff in areas like agile, security, open source software, and semantic web. The proximity with the academic community had helped with getting up to speed with the business objectives.

Having access to professionals to help define your projects and reach your goals is always a benefit. Subject matter experts are an incredible resource and working together will bring a level of excellence to your results.

Melody K. Smith

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