March 21, 2011 – The new generation of Actonomy technology is the prime feature of the xMP semantic platform.

We found this news on Recruiter in their article, “New generation of smarter searching software.” Apparently, this new technology will automatically extract relevant information from vacancies and CVs, such as experience, skills and education, can search and match based on most recent work experience, and expand search queries based on career path information. This new technology could be a huge assistance for business development and recruiting.

Among the early adopters is Bullhorn – provider of front office software for staffing and recruiting firms – which offers an xMP plug-in module as standard. This ability to carry out a smart search avoids the need for multiple searches for slightly different job titles. Another benefit is that Actonomy xMP will provide a user with details on why a match was found and what criteria contributed to the results.

It is always nice to see additional uses for semantic technology and watch it enhance the way business is done.

Melody K. Smith