March 18, 2011 – MarkLogic was selected by Zinio to power their content platform and provide consumers with instant access and searchability of the world’s largest digital newsstand.  

BusinessWire brought this news to our attention in their article, “World’s Largest Digital Newsstand Deploys MarkLogic Solutions.” With the advent and increasing use of eReaders and online digital content, transforming print magazines that can be delivered to any number of tablets and mobile devices is a critical element of success for Zinio. With the massive amount of data to be transformed, Zinio needed help. Enter MarkLogic.  

“MarkLogic’s database technology helps Zinio get the absolute best visual and search experience possible on their devices – a complex scenario that relational databases just can’t handle,” said Keith Nichols, senior vice president of technology R&D, Zinio. “MarkLogic best understands the art of organizing unstructured information, which is running rampant across the industry – this is something publishers have to get right out of the gate as they continue to go digital. MarkLogic tackles the problem from a deep technology level, which was attractive to us.”  

Zinio is using MarkLogic for a mobile application that manages content aggregation from a common repository, which can be easily exported to any mobile device. MarkLogic’s advanced functionality also drives the Zinio mobile search engine and creates an intelligent connection to all publications available. 

Melody K. Smith