We have a common question in our home: “What did we do before Google?” “Googling” is the most popular way we currently search for information, whether it is for home or work. But what does the future hold? Nothing stays the same, and the web continues to evolve and grow beyond anyone’s predictions. With social and semantic technology, the web has become more challenging for search engines to index. So what information are you getting, and why? Trust me, no one is worried about this more than Google itself. The future of search is undefined.

Business Insider brought this topic to our attention in their article, “This Difference Between Knowledge And Information Will Separate Quora From Google.” What we do know is the continued growth and relevance of social search. This is what worries Google. They have yet to fully benefit from social media. After many failed attempts, they have recently tried again with Google+. The jury is still out on whether that will be embraced by anyone other than the basement techno junkie who jumps from new gadget to new gadget.

Melody K. Smith

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