The ICD-10 coding classification transition is creating a variety of industry sentiment. Some consider it a potential train wreck and others think it may be the industry’s best shot at improving the claim processes.

Health Data Management brought this topic to our attention in their article, “ICD-10: Here Comes Trouble.” Of course, many healthcare professionals are worried about the delay in payments due to the transition. Cash flow is so imperative for a successful healthcare practice and when you consider that physicians incorrectly code every day, it makes accurate medical coding that more important.

Medical coding requires specialized expertise and systems tailored to the regulatory requirements in which health care providers, hospitals, and doctors deliver their services. Errors cost money, period.

Access Innovations, Inc., a leader in data integrity and content creation, has announced the Access Innovations Integrity Initiative (AI³), a suite of tools and services for quality assurance and validation of medical coding. The system can be used to quickly and accurately validate medical coding or to locate errors in existing documentation. The cost savings are impressive.

The Access Innovations Integrity Initiative is not just for physicians, hospitals, and their data service providers. It also includes tools that give auditors and insurers the information management tools they need to quickly identify areas of noncompliance or suspicious activity.

Melody K. Smith

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