Metadata is the data that describes data and this metadata map is called Seeing Standards: A Visualisation of the Metadata Universe. It demonstrates the large variety of standards, the communities they serve, their purpose, function and domain.

This interesting topic was inspired by a blogpost we found on the blog, Brave New World, titled “Just When You Thought Standards Were Simple.” Metadata is often referred to as bibliographic data. It is the information that enables us to search, find, retrieve appropriate information. So why now are many from the library community calling for a change to this 40 year old fall back, claiming MARC is ‘no longer fit for the purpose, work with the library and other interested communities to specify and implement a carrier for bibliographic information that is capable of representing the full range of data of interest to libraries, and of facilitating the exchange of such data both within the library community and with related communities.’

Melody K. Smith

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