Entagen was named a winner in the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) 2012 Technology Leadership Awards, winning the “Innovative Technology of the Year: Big Data” award for its TripleMap platform.

MarketWatch brought this to our attention in their article, “Entagen Wins MassTLC Leadership Award.” In layman’s terms, TripleMap connects the dots. It finds the opportunities with data from different resources.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by MassTLC for our innovative technology,” said Christopher Bouton, CEO of Entagen. “We are in an exciting position at the intersection of Big Data and semantic technology, and are able to offer businesses across many sectors a powerful solution to connect the dots between the enormous amounts of data they are handling.”

The TripleMap can be securely deployed within an organization’s firewall or hosted in the cloud.

Melody K. Smith

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