As the semantic web continues to develop and grow, it increases the potential to test and challenge the technical and human resources currently supporting it. So the idea of a conference focused specifically on crowdsourcing the semantic web seems appropriate. This interesting event was brought to our attention on WikiCFP in their post, “1st International Workshop on Crowdsourcing the Semantic Web.”

For many of these tasks, machine-driven algorithmic techniques aiming at full automation do not reach a level of accuracy that many production environments require. Enhancing automatic techniques with human computation capabilities is becoming a viable solution in many cases.

Part of the conference will be a “live crowdsourcing exercise” to collectively design an experiment that will be posted on a crowdsourcing platform (e.g., Amazon Mechanical Turk). The results will be analyzed as a solid example of how to use crowdsourcing for those who are just exploring the field.

More information and registration can be found on their website.

Melody K. Smith

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