Analytics aren’t new, but now that the healthcare informatics industry is involved, the next challenge is figuring out how to display the information in ways that are useful. Data visualization tools have made it somewhat easier to glean intelligence from volumes of information in the hopes of improving health programs, clinical healthcare delivery, and public health policy. Who doesn’t love an artisy infographic? Unfortunately, they have failed to incorporate the science of human visual perception into the technology, resulting in tools that deliver great aesthetics but poor human comprehension of the data. This very interesting information came from Health IT Analytics in their article, “How visualizing big data brings meaning to clinical analytics.”

In our business, metadata is integral to telling a story or sharing information. It provides the breadcrumbs, shadows, and footprints left behind for the searcher to be successful in finding the data they seek. Any records management system requires a system of indexing to create findability.

At Access Innovations, we know that indexing against a strong, standards-based taxonomy can ensure comprehensive search results. Access Innovations is one of a very small number of companies able to help its clients generate ISO/ANSI/NISO compliant taxonomies to produce comprehensive results.

Melody K. Smith

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