Russia invading the Ukraine, Israel’s assault on occupied Gaza, extreme weather flare-ups, airplane catastrophes—these are just some of the geopolitical and natural events that threaten the stability of the world system. With the chaos in the world of late, what lessons are there to learn to survive in the future? And I am not necessarily referring to the apocalyptic zombie future.

Can metadata help? This interesting thought came from News with Views in their article, “Planetary Metadata: Predicting the Future Through Multi-dimensional Broad Band Data.” Who can look at the big picture and connect the dots? Metadata is data about the data on a wide variety of topics, but it is only as good as the kind of data it collects and the ability to analyze that data. Although modern technology of analyzing metadata is, to the average person, something out of a science fiction movie, the ability to meaningfully analyze it is still at a primitive level.

By developing algorithms and other technologies of future prediction that are not based on an arbitrary number of finite inputs and basing them on a new methodology such as “quantum sifting,” it is possible to enhance the integrity of both existing finite inputs and use a manageable number of inputs. All this is to say, yes, metadata can help.

Melody K. Smith

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