A new search engine is being developed that will help make charities’ research easier to find and more useful. The new product is being developed by Giving Evidence and is due to be launched early next year. This interesting news came from All Africa in their article, “Africa: Search Engine Aims to Make Charity Studies Easy to Find.”

Developing countries could especially benefit from the tool, says Katie Turner, who researches the use of volunteering in development at non-governmental organization VSO International. “It’s a real challenge trying to identify published and unpublished research,” she says. “There is a great deal that does exist and has remained unpublished or not online.”

The search function will look only for information labeled with certain metadata describing its contents. Only research by participating charities would have this specific metadata, meaning that only such research would be found by the search engine. This will help small organizations who lack the resources to optimize their data so that major search engines can find it.

Melody K. Smith

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