The 11th annual Data Harmony Users Group (DHUG) meeting just wrapped up, and as we reflect on the week-long event, making connections is the unofficial theme that emerged. This makes perfect sense, because the benefit that our attendees mention most often is the networking opportunity – the connections we make with colleagues – during the DHUG meetings.

This year we asked our attendees to fill out a short survey about the meeting. I have included some of their responses in the following list of connections that the DHUG meetings make or explain.

  • We meet and connect with other people who are doing what we do. One attendee said “Networking is an important aspect of the meeting” and “Excellent opportunity to establish and deepen networks for later follow up.”
  • We connect with people who can help overcome challenges that we are facing – because they are facing similar challenges. The most valuable thing on the agenda for one attendee? “Case studies. These are the main reason I come. Love seeing what other folks are doing.”
  • We connect ideas and find answers.
  • We get new ideas for additional things we can do with our data or systems.
  • We connect our users’ viewpoints with the functionality of the software and the services we offer – we explain not only WHAT the software does, but also HOW it works and WHY we designed it that way.
  • We connect authors with editors and peer reviewers.
  • We connect content to other related content.
  • We connect related concepts – not just the words that appear, but the meanings of those words.

Here are a few other comments taken from our survey responses:

“Really enjoyed it – right balance of updates and networking opportunities”

“Really well organized event with delightful people – thank you!”

“I think the range of topics and presentations was good. It’s good to have exposure to the variety of subjects.”

“Hearing from a researcher was great, implementing stories and creative uses also great”

“I honestly like [the meeting] the way it is”

If you missed the DHUG meeting, consider joining us in 2016! We have tentatively scheduled the 12th Annual DHUG meeting for February 22-26, 2016. Marjorie M.K. Hlava’s annual features update will kick off the core part of the meeting on February 23, and will be followed by case studies from our users on February 23 and 24. February 22, 25, and 26 are optional days reserved for hands-on software training and one-on-one meetings.

Watch TaxoDiary for an official announcement and further information.

Heather Kotula, Director of Communications
Access Innovations