Content management systems (CMSs) have evolved over the years from merely a copy-and-paste function to a mix of development, design, marketing, information architecture, user experience, and more. Websites are still a core asset of most businesses, which means the CMS has become increasingly important.

One factor in the evolution of the CMS is open source development, which has contributed to the transformation in several ways. Not surprisingly, this information came from Open Source in their article, “Open source is key to the future of CMS development.”

Opening up source code enables developers to work faster and gives them more control. Opening up APIs is one way developers customize and extend a CMS to connect applications together. Simplifying development processes and tools helps increase efficiency.

What is more collaborative than open source? Having a strategy that focuses on the problems people want to solve or the capabilities they want to support, and allowing experimental approaches can result in dynamic results.

Melody K. Smith

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