A couple of weeks ago, Google changed its algorithm to give preference to ‘mobile-friendly’ sites when users perform a search on a mobile device. The change was coined as ‘Mobilegeddon’ because of the potential to bury websites that haven’t been optimized to display correctly on various sizes of mobile devices, while also boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly sites. ZDNet brought this news to us in their article, Google’s “Mobilegeddon’ indexing arrives Tuesday: Are you prepared?”

Google previously announced the change and warned at the time that the change would have a “significant impact” on search rankings – especially given that around half of searches are thought to be conducted from a mobile device. So here we are two weeks later, and the end of the world hasn’t taken place. As it turns out, Mobilegeddon has been one of the most gradual releases of a major Google update to date. While impacts so far are quite minimal, there have been a few.

Melody K. Smith

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