Wearable technology continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Whether wearable digital devices are monitoring your heart rate, your activity, or your actual location with GPS, this new trend is on its way to changing how we collect and analyze data. Of course, like all emerging technologies, it is rife with turf wars. This interesting information came from TechWeek Europe in their article, “Fitbit Slapped With Lawsuit Ahead Of IPO.”

Fitbit is being sued by rival Jawbone. This unfortunately happened just ahead of its initial public offering (IPO), which would be the first for the wearable technology market.

Jawbone is accusing FitBit of acquiring proprietary information through nefarious means. These two are currently the largest competitors in the wearable technology market, but there are others. Apple, Microsoft, Garmin, and Samsung are all competing in the market, which has seen a 150 percent increase in the past year.

Melody K. Smith

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