Anyone remotely related to the world of information technology has heard it. The term, the label, the veiled and sometimes not so veiled insult. Geek. This interesting and slightly humorous observation came from the Times Colonist out of British Columbia in their article, “Don’t be ashamed of your inner geek.”

In the irony of all ironies, geek has become cool. Go figure.

To me, geek was never a derogatory term. I married a geek. And despite my lack of interest in video games, comic books, and computer code, I could easily wear the term myself.

I believe the word geek does not describe someone who is socially awkward but brilliant like the mainstream entertainment industry would have you to believe. I believe they don’t see the point in playing the social games, but instead continue to seek out the fascinating things in life, which are more often than not found in less than hip places.

Melody K. Smith

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