In an interesting use of social media, the United States Treasury Department announced the latest news about a woman being on the new $10 bill on Twitter. This information was brought to us by FCW in their article, “Treasury takes to Twitter to tout 10.”

The Twittersphere responded vigorously and that energy was shared across other social media platforms as the social media world made their suggestions and provided feedback on the leading contenders.

They are not limiting their research to social media, of course. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew and Treasurer Rosie Rios have participated in multiple round tables, town halls and phone calls with the public. Apparently people have also directly emailed Lew and even sent handwritten letters.

In this information-based, real-time society we live in, social data is fast becoming the tender to trade. This is a good example of the strategies and best practices that can be employed to make social media work for you.

Melody K. Smith

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