With 3D printers and 3D scanners becoming much more familiar in the workplace and even at home, it feels like we have gone full circle — data moving to digital only and now becoming tangible again. This interesting information came to us from Business 2 Community in their article, “Digital Transformation: Undigitizing the Intangible “Digital Fridge”.”

More and more items are being moved to a digital world and our archives are full of everything measurable, from weather temperatures to population growth to food consumption. Digital transformation isn’t about moving everything to zeros and ones for computers to understand and process. It’s a two-way conversation between the world that humans are used to and the world of ones and zeroes where computers systems excel.

Knowledge management deals a lot with the way we structure our information, using complex concepts such as information architecture, taxonomy, ontology, folksonomy, and metadata. Technologies are advancing and soon we will be able to visualize more about the knowledge.

Melody K. Smith

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