The three largest users of cloud computing report huge growth in the demand for their services. Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft will be quick to tell you how they are different from one another, but at the end of the day they are representing a huge percent of growth and revenues in the technological world. This interesting information came to us from Silicon Angle in their article, “How the “Big Three” cloud vendors plan to differentiate their services.”

Amazon Web Services currently holds the lead position as the most dominant provider with around 25 percent of the overall cloud market. This is likely due to the series of new features released this year, such as Amazon QuickSight business intelligence tool to help companies glean insights from their data.

Google and Microsoft are not far behind and both are continually seeking new opportunities to improve their offerings to clients. It is important to make your data smarter, not just bigger because the cloud seems to be unlimited storage space.

Melody K. Smith

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