Semantic technology is all the rage these days. Machine learning is a well-established subfield of computer science and the machine learner i.e. the computer is like a student. DATAVERSITY brought this news to our attention in their article, “Machine Teaching: A New Twist on Machine Learning.”

The goal of machine learning is to develop models that will prove useful in the future when dealing with large, often unwieldy data sets. Machine teaching uses sophisticated mathematics to allow researchers to model actual human students and devise the best possible lessons for teaching them.

Content intelligence within an enterprise can leverage the human intelligence within that data to generate new revenue streams, increase productivity and save money. It increases findability as well. Content intelligence is the technology and approach that makes unstructured information self-describing. This self-description allows content-based information to be described in the same way as structured data and then combined into a single source for analysis and exploration.

Melody K. Smith

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