Security while traveling on the information super highway is always a concern. However, for young people, there is a less anxious attitude towards online security. This interesting information came to us from FCW in their article, “Millennials don’t even know what cybersecurity is.

Today’s young people are considered technically savvy because they grew up with computers in their rooms and smartphones in their hands. However, after a survey of nearly 4,000 young adults worldwide, commissioned by Raytheon and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), it indicates what some would call a startling ignorance among the 18- to 26 year-old respondents when it comes to their activity and safety online. The big number was 65 percent of respondents believe they can stay safe online.

Data breaches continue to be reported every day as security standards and risks are ever changing. In the half glass full realm, digital technology, the internet, and social media are also giving users new opportunities to engage with others.

Melody K. Smith

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