Facebook has unleashed a new function that will make everything you post publicly to the site searchable. This interesting information came from Tech Insider in their article, “Facebook is going to make everything you post publicly easily searchable.

This function is called Search FYI and will organize search results hierarchically. This way, users can see what news sources, friends and family, and people in the area are saying about a given topic. The search begins with top posts, which are news sources organized by their popularity, much like Facebook already decides what appears on your news feed now.

This includes public posts from anyone, whether they are your friend or not. If you search something broad, like a major sporting event, Facebook will show what specifically people are saying about that topic.

Social media is no longer just for entertainment. It is an important source of information for many purposes. Creditors and potential employers are starting to rely on information found in social media to determine reliability and honesty. But few industries are using it as much as in legal cases.

Melody K. Smith

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