Data storage is not a new subject. Granted before today’s massive data issues, organizations primarily stored their data in relational databases and mostly onsite. The late 1980’s brought about different options and most of those were offsite. DATAVERSITY brought this information to us in their article, “Machine Learning is Democratizing Big Data.”

Machine learning is now changing the landscape yet again. Today’s business analysts and developers are capable of building and using applications that sit on top of their data by powering them with machine learning. Importing machine learning algorithms into applications is a simple process. However many organizations have convinced themselves they can’t handle machine learning. Maybe it is because they don’t completely understand it or because they believe they can’t afford it.

Cloud infrastructure and integration present a generous amount of compute power for deep learning as well as access to extremely large data sets across an enormous number of domains. It doesn’t have to be a daunting process.

Melody K. Smith

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