Object storage is becoming the shining star of data storage. For cloud and web use it is hard to beat. But what are the pros and cons of cloud object storage versus building in-house? Computer Weekly brought this news to our attention in their article, “Object storage: Cloud vs in-house.”

Object storage has garnered much attention in recent years. It has become the foundation data storage layer for much of the cloud, as well as the popular services from Facebook to Dropbox.With the pros also come cons. An extra layer of complexity has been added to storage planning. Its official definition is a storage architecture which manages data as objects, rather than managing it as either files or blocks. This has left many confused.Even with the many benefits, it is not uncommon for organizations to choose to keep it inhouse and build their own.

Both options are worth research because finding your data – whether it is in the clouds or in your own system – is key to day to day operations.

Melody K. Smith

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