RAVN Systems recently released RAVN ACE for automated data extraction for ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) Master Agreements and Credit Support Annexes (CSAs) using artificial intelligence. This interesting information came to us from PRNewswire in their article, “RAVN Systems Releases RAVN ACE for Automated Data Extraction of ISDA Documents Using Artificial Intelligence.”

RAVN ACE joins elements of artificial intelligence and information processing to deliver a platform that can read, interpret, extract and summarise content held within ISDA CSAs and other legal documents. By converting unstructured data into structured output in a fraction of the time it takes a human, the results come with a higher degree of accuracy.

Companies may have a good understanding of their contracts and collateral, but with RAVN ACE they can be sure to have the most recent version among a long history of documents. Even then, having extracted or audited the metadata, RAVN ACE can analyze the content and identify any high credit risk relationships. It is like an automatic auditor is in place.

Melody K. Smith

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