Retailers have long been trying to identify tools and strategies for turning their big data into a profit center vs. an additional expense. KM World brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Retailers Harness Big Data and Big Content for Big Profits.

Big data is a challenge for both storage and findability. Retailers are sitting on massive amounts of unstructured content and it is mostly ignored because the majority of it is unstructured content. This type of content is more difficult to organize and analyze because it does not reside within a structured data system.

It is important to take control of the big data before it gets out of control. When content becomes unmanageable, the user suffers and the customers suffer.

Managing data presents its own set of challenges. Entering the data is easy. Storing the data is done efficiently. However, finding the data with obvious searches does not always happen with ease. Use of data based on metatagging and indexing is essential to improve this process.

Melody K. Smith

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