Data continues to grow at an exponential rate. Structured or unstructured, it is a challenge to manage for every organization. If you don’t already have an information governance strategy in place, it is a must. Tech Target brought this news to our attention in their article, “Why information governance strategy equals information access.”

Information governance (IG) is the discipline of managing corporate information. It strives to make information accessible while streamlining information management, reducing storage costs and ensuring compliance. IG goes beyond records management, whose primary function is to help organizations from the point of collecting data to destruction, and all the while remain compliant.

In addition, applying business intelligence (BI) to content adds another layer to the information governance strategy. More tools today are recognizing that there is structure in what was commonly called unstructured content — such as text-based emails, office and Web documents, and voice, image and video files. Systems are becoming more sophisticated with natural language queries in recognizing the structure that can be found in such content, and helping businesses extract insight from that.

Melody K. Smith

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