Unnecessary data is a fact of life. The enterprise platform as well as personal computers are likely clogged with unnecessary data and the cloud is filling up fast. This interesting news came to us from BetaNews in their article, “Your business is likely storing useless data.

A recent survey of IT decision makers in companies with more than 200 employees, showed that more than half (55 percent) do not have a policy in place for email data retention, and 58 percent do not audit their paper-based data regularly.

When it comes to managing the clouds, nearly two-thirds (60 percent) don’t practice regular reviews of files.

“These results show that many businesses are keeping too much data — and often keeping it unnecessarily”, said Mike Dunleavy, head of customer development and experience at Crown Records Management. “This will not only slow down processes, but could prove expensive when, under new data protection regulation, people gain greater rights to ask for their personal data to be edited or deleted”.

Organizations need to store and access files for a certain period of time and have the ability to destroy the data after a certain time period has elapsed. With the growth of data, along with the added pressure to make records management user-friendly, leaves many organizations looking for outside help and alternatives.

Melody K. Smith

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