Search engine optimization (SEO) is possibly one of the most talked about subjects in the online marketing world. A huge aspect of this is tags. Whether it’s title tags, header tags, meta tags or blog post tags, they have proven to increase traffic and boost engagement. This information came from the Search Engine Journal in their article, “SEJ Wrap-Up: Are Meta Tags & AMP Important for SEO and Google Ranking?

However, as trends tend to do, things are changing. Tags are important, but with new technology, maybe not quite as important. Part of what makes the SEO business so risky is the fact that the search engines control everything and no one completely understands what goes into the ranking factors, especially since they tend to change frequently.

Techniques and technology aside, specialized experience in your particular industry is one of the greatest attributes for someone offering to improve your SEO. Don’t discard this need haphazardly.

It is important to remember the value of a solid taxonomy. How the content is classified impacts the findability of your data. Professionals should look for an experienced builder of solid standards-based taxonomies to associate content for appropriate machine-assisted indexing. Access Innovations can provide solutions that are ANSI compliant.

Melody K. Smith

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