Metadata is useful for many things. We rely on properly applied metadata to search at the speed we need to find the data we seek. But metadata can serve other purposes as well, even trivia. Catch brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Remember a movie but not its name? This website will solve that.”

We have all had that moment when we remember some vague details about a movie but can’t remember its name. You start searching actors or characters’ names in an effort to trigger a memory in either your brain or the search engine’s wires. Now there is a website that can help you. has been dubbed “the world’s first-ever descriptive movie search engine”.

The difference in the actual plot of the movie and searching with what details you remember utilizes the website’s automatic content recognition and video analysis technology.

Designed by Valossa, a spin-off company of the University of Oulu, Finland, the website currently consists of a library of over 45,000 English movie titles.

Melody K. Smith

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