OpenText has announced the availability of OpenText Release 16, the integrated digital information platform. PRNewswire brought this information to our attention in their article, “OpenText Delivers The Most Comprehensive Digital Platform For Enterprise Digital Transformation.” OpenText Release 16 features Suite 16 and Cloud 16 and is a single platform that manages and analyzes the entire flow of information.

Technology is constantly changing and as a result of that the way organizations work, communicate and manage processes has significantly changed as well. Companies need to evolve along with technology to truly compete in their industry.

OpenText Release 16 helps customers make a coordinated digital transformation through a single vendor, reducing disruption. It delivers products and technologies that address the entire flow of information.

“New entrants in the marketplace are taking advantage of new platforms, tools, and integrations to displace many of the established market leaders,” said Nick Patience, Research Vice President, Software, 451 Research.”In a digital world, organizations must embrace digitization or face the risk of losing market share, or worse, becoming obsolete.”

Melody K. Smith

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