Artificial intelligence permeates all parts of our lives. Essentially anyone with an internet connection is benefiting from or contributing to artificial intelligence, whether they know it or not. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence.”

As you stream the latest movie or browse your favorite online store, algorithms are constantly hard at work, learning in real time. Predictive analytics is utilized by all industries as organizations start to harness the power of data collection.

Much like in Moneyball where they used sabermetrics to put together a winning team, retailers are using predictive analytics to highly-personalize offers for customers. Instead of guessing, machine-learning alorithms identify patterns that know more about you than you are probably comfortable with and use that information to get your purchases.

Artificial intelligence enables systems to consider context, to see what is happening when a customer is looking on a website and connect those actions to prior transactional and behavioral data. A little spooky, hey?

Melody K. Smith

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