With each passing day there are more benefits found when utilizing big data technology. This came to us from Computer Weekly in their article, “Big data analytics a useful security tool, says analyst.”

Big data analytics can be useful for helping organizations to achieve more resiliency when it comes to cybersecurity. A recent survey found that 53% of organizations that are using big data security analytics find it to be a benefit.

Even with these benefits identified, adoption of big data analytics is still relatively low. There are organizations that are developing in-house big data security analytics capabilities and that is not limited to any particular industry sectors. However, those tend to be larger organizations simply because of their available resources.

Smaller companies are benefiting from using a big data security analytics approach to understand what is happening in their IT environments in real time.

As more providers innovate to bring this technology to the masses, it will broaden the accessibility of big data beyond the enterprise, and dramatically accelerate time-to-insight for organizations of all sizes.

Melody K. Smith

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