Digital transformation is happening everywhere and there is no sign of its demise any time in the future. While many enterprises are focused on how to make that transition, not enough are factoring in fundamental changes required to store and archive the growing volumes of data that is resulting in the new digital enterprise. This interesting information came to us from The Enterprisers Project in their article, “Data storage considerations for your digital transformation.”

Going digital means different things to different organizations. Digital transformation refers to the application of digital technologies to redefine all aspects of business operations and avoid becoming the victim of digital disruption. “Fifteen years ago, there were very few companies whose product was actually a digital product, but today for many companies the digital asset is what they monetize,” according to Matt Starr, CTO of storage solutions company Spectra Logic. “How you now protect that, archive that, and store that is starting to become a challenge.”

With the growth of data, along with the added pressure to make records management user-friendly, this leaves many organizations looking for outside help and alternatives.

Melody K. Smith

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