It’s not exactly the group of people you would expect to be discussing metadata, but this is just another example of how metadata touches nearly everything in our lives. This information came to us from The Tennessean in their article, “Music Biz conference to focus on diversity, metadata issues.

The annual Music Biz conference will include a summit on the crucial issue of metadata — the array of data points attached to each song, music video and album that determines how royalties are collected, where payments go and who owns licensing rights.

This is the second consecutive year the conference will be held in Nashville and organizers are hoping for a repeat success in attendance – 1,300 attendees, which marked a 40 percent increase from 2014.

Metadata is used to reach fans as well as to ensure the accuracy of digital royalty payments, and all steps in between.

“We have plenty of music assets,” said Charles Alexander, a Nashville songwriter, digital music strategist and co-founder of the firm Streaming Promotions. “But we don’t necessarily have an open, accessible information infrastructure that describes who owns and can exploit those same assets.

Melody K. Smith

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