Security is a huge concern for any organization in any industry. Cyber theft, phishing, and straightforward fraud on the Internet is not limited to just a portion of the business world. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this topic to our attention in their post, “Guest Post: The American Chemical Society on the Shared Cybersecurity Concerns of Universities and Publishers.”

There are unintended consequences of sharing passwords or falling prey to phishing schemes to gather network credentials that enable illegal behavior. This has been prevalent in the academic world and many were made aware because of the drama and issues surrounding Sci-Hub.

Cyber security has been a much-talked-about issue in the healthcare world as well with ransomware locking down patient data and requiring payment for access.

An organization will be in a better position to respond quickly and successfully because of good cyber threat intelligence. Protection, detection and response are the keys to cyber security, but they must be informed by intelligence about the threat.

Melody K. Smith

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