Semantic computing continues to evolve and especially in the healthcare industry as big data analytics leaders looks to move beyond the basics of population health management, predictive analytics, and risk stratification. Health IT Analytics brought this information to us in their article, “Montefiore Semantic Data Lake Tackles Predictive Analytics.”

In contrast to the traditional relational database, this is a new approach to analytics. By creating a fluid pool of standardized data elements, the results can be much more flexible and respond faster to a larger number of unique queries.

These semantic data lakes are used as the foundation for advanced clinical decision support and predictive analytics capabilities. Currently, they are still in pre-clinical validation stages. The algorithm is working in parallel with the traditional care delivery process to test its capabilities.

The goal is to use the semantic data lake to create better characterizations of what is happening with a patient and therefore allowing more informed and more impactful clinical decision-making to take place.

Melody K. Smith

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