Data visualization has become increasingly important in all types of organizations. Recently the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Johnson Space Center has been working to find a way to share visual data. The goal is to enable NASA employees at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to see what Meza and his team have been working on in their Texas-based studio via streaming visualization. This interesting information came to us from MeriTalk in their article, “NASA’s Big Data Plan Takes Off.”

This project is more than a video conference call. This is streamlining visualization tools to link the agency, especially with regards to big data.

Collaboration, along with a strategy for a master data management plan, is bringing them together to look at ways of carrying this out smartly.

NASA manages and stores more data than most other federal agencies. The agency must confront and control the data collected from its many branches, missions, and projects.

Melody K. Smith

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