Admit it. When I say “librarian” you imagine someone older, in thick-rimmed glasses and overly modest clothing, guarding the silence in a room full of books with all-powerful shushes and stern glares. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. This interesting topic came to us from The Atlantic in their article, “A Snapshot of a 21st-Century Librarian.”

The internet has largely replaced brick-and-mortar libraries as the go-to resource for information gathering. As sad as that may make you, libraries aren’t complete replaced. Libraries have had to evolve from providing the internet as a service, to being responsible for interacting with it, to indexing and archiving a rapidly increasing amount of information to make it findable at a moment’s notice.

In fact, there are many positions in for-profit organizations that do the same tasks as a modern day librarian with different titles. Think about SharePoint.

Melody K. Smith

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