The business of technology continues to see growth. Granted, it isn’t the frenzied growth of the late 90’s, but it also isn’t as volatile. Marlin & Associates brought this interesting topic to us in their blog post, “The Fourth Wave of Fintech: It’s All About the Analytics – Our July 2016 Fintech Market Update.”

A wide range of information technology companies of all sizes, from startups to mega-billion dollar multi-national behemoths are reporting growth. It may not all be at huge rates, but most are solidly growing and showing a profit.

Another difference from the 90’s is the majority of business (and the big money) was mostly business to business. Somewhere along the way the path to revenue forked to include the distribution channel. Companies such as Factset, Capital IQ, and Reuters have emerged as highly successful aggregators and distributors of a wide range of financial data – to which they added proprietary data, where they could. Business to business software vendors have also emerged that allowed the client to be their own aggregator and distributor.

This isn’t a clear cut apples to apples comparison to the technical “good ole’ days” but it is identifying some new areas that evolved out of necessity, entrepreneurship and good old fashioned creativity.

Melody K. Smith

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