Content discovery is evolving at a quick pace. This transition could result in content catalogs that are easier to navigate, content descriptions that are more accurate and valuable, search that is more granular and recommendations that are more useful.¬†This interesting news came to us from Videonet in their article, “How metadata unlocks the future of content discovery.”

Metadata technology and processes have long been one of the less fashionable topics in television. However it is becoming more important and, in total cliche, more popular.

Augmented metadata relies on the ability to generate new metadata by analyzing video scenes using image recognition and the closed captions within content. Image analysis includes facial recognition and setting analysis, and is made possible with machine learning.

Metadata enrichment is where you import data from third parties to improve the metadata you already have and it improves content discovery.

These new uses of metadata and semantic technology open the door for a variety of uses in the entertainment industry alone. Just imagine the other applications that will be realized over time.

Melody K. Smith

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