We have all heard it muttered and maybe some of us have done the muttering. The observation that many feel there is no innovation in scholarly publishing and that leaves the publishing word ripe for disruption. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this news to us in their article, “Ripe for Disruption – From Within?

With scholarly publishing, it seems that while there is plenty of evolution in technologies, business models, etc., the speed at which change takes place leaves many feeling less than impressed. This makes a huge gap between where we are and where we want to be. And where most want to be includes a more open approach to peer review, journal hosting, metrics, etc., and a more unified approach to discovery and metadata exchange.

Like all change, there are sacrifices and challenges. It will take innovators to seek the disruption that is needed for change. With realistic expectations of what it will cost to achieve their goals, both in dollars and effort, they’re the type of people who can make it happen. Where are the disrupters? Who are the innovators?

Melody K. Smith

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