Identifying At-Risk Data

Identifying At-Risk Data

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A hacker scanning for unsecured databases was able to compromise at least 58.8 million records from Modern Business Solutions (MBS), a data management and monetization firm primarily serving the automotive, employment and real-estate industries. This news came to us from SC Magazine in their article, “Unsecured database lets hacker expose 58 million plus records from data management firm.”

The stolen data has already been posted and deleted on a file-sharing site twice. Leaked information included names, IP addresses, birth dates, email addresses, vehicle data and occupations.

Data security is always a concern and in light of these types of data breaches, it is forefront on everyone’s minds. Data storage security is a key component in the fight against data breaches.

Data retention policies in every organization needs to be reviewed and enforced – or in some cases, implemented. About 30% of organizations do not have written data retention or removal policies at all.

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