Alfresco Software recently announced they brought extensive data modeling features to its flagship Alfresco Activiti™ 1.5 BPM platform. This interesting information came to us from Yahoo News in their article, “Alfresco Introduces Powerful Data Modeling in Its Flagship Business Process Management System.”

The new Alfresco Activiti 1.5 gives users one-click access to any connected database, and the ability to model that data for use in new corporate applications.

Combined with the platform’s sales growth, this new advancement indicates interest and faith in the flexibility and configurability of open-source BPM solutions over legacy, closed and proprietary technology solutions.

Modeling data has become a key component of enabling the integration of data within key business processes. Accessing important data from external databases and data sources for use in a business process can present challenges. Alfresco makes integration of BPM with external data a routine process, enabling users to model any database as an object within Alfresco Activiti 1.5.

Melody K. Smith

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