The Data Stewardship Learning Plan is a complete guide to data stewardship and the role the steward plays in a data governance organization. This eight course program introduces the roles and responsibilities of data stewards, their training, and the implementation processes along with an overview of data governance tools, important enterprise initiatives, metrics, and the Stewardship Maturity Model.

The courses within the Data Stewardship Learning Plan cover a range of topics, including Roles and Responsibilities of Your Data Stewardship Organization, Adding Data Governance to the Project Methodology, and The Roles of Data Stewards in Important Enterprise Initiatives.

The training is facilitated by David Plotkin, head of the Wells Fargo Data Governance Competency Center in Enterprise Data and Analytics. He has worked with Data Governance, Data Modeling, Metadata and Data Quality for over 30 years.

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Melody K. Smith

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