One company is working with software that can identify historical figures from centuries before the word artificial intelligence was even in our vocabulary. This interesting information came to us from Digital Trends in their article, “New beta software automatically tags and captions historic images.”

Project Gado first began as a way to develop new technology for quickly digitizing visual history through scanning hardware, from images to sheet music. Six years later, they have done that and are now analyzing all that visual data, quickly and efficiently.

The company is teaching computers how to interpret each image, automatically add tags, label historical figures and write a caption.

Granted, a historian could properly identify many images, but the Cognitive Metadata Platform makes it possible to label large volumes of visual history quickly and efficiently, simplifying a challenge that many museums and art galleries face.

Geniuses continue to advance and evolve technology. It will be interesting to see what boundaries they break next.

Melody K. Smith

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