Library budgets continue to shrink but expectations remain the same, or even increase. Librarians and information professionals are forced to get creative. This interesting information came to us from Talking New Media in their article, “Cambridge University Press embarks on project to improve discoverability of library resources.”

Cambridge University Press has embarked on a huge project to improve the discoverability of resources and ensure that MARC (machine-readable cataloging) records across all eBooks are top notch.

A MARC record is the bibliographic record a library needs for their online catalogues. Once a MARC record is uploaded, users are able to access the resource described within.

Over the last year, Cambridge University Press has been through over 24,000 titles and updated or enhanced their metadata according to the requirements of librarians and researchers. There are plans for further investments in the next year. This is a win-win situation for all – publishers, librarians and users.

Melody K. Smith

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